W-HOTS Profile

Robbi Andrews – WorldView Vacations was created and founded by Robbi Andrews after her travels to Europe and a couple of years later to the Virgin Islands where a personal vacation created a passion for travel and longing for more.  Upon her return from Europe, in 1998, she excitingly shared her vacation experience with her family and friends.  Giving a vivid picture of her vacation experiences to her family and friends only piqued their interest to have the same experience.  In the early 2000s, Robbi organized a small group of 14 people on a Caribbean Cruise.  Within 3 years those 14 people increased to over 100 people traveling as a group that was organized by Robbi.  Her mentor Guy Moquin, President of Promonde Travel, took Robbi under his wings and was instrumental in providing Robbi an understanding of the travel business.  After gaining additional experience and getting accredited by CLIA, IATAN, and NASTA, Robbi thirst for a desire to become her own boss in the travel industry. That thirst became a vision and that vision eventually turned into a reality.  In 2006, Robbi launched her own travel business;  Worldview Vacations was born! Robbi‘s main objective is to provide an affordable vacation experience without taking away from the quality and to introduce her clients to the “World”.   She has planned vacation packages for individual travel to groups of over 300 people. What once started out as a small group of close friends traveling around the world quickly turned into a rapidly growing travel group that is now known as the What Happens on the Ship a.k.a. W-HOTS Travel and Entertainment Group.  The W-HOTS Travel Group is comprised of professionals with various backgrounds and resides from the West Coast to the East Coast. To keep up with the rapid growth of WorldView Vacations, Robbi works long hours both weekdays and weekends in order to keep up with her clients travel demands but never neglecting to provide great quality and service to each and every client. The demand continues to grow which lead Robbi to forming a W-HOTS team to assist her with overseeing the travel needs of her many clients. The W-HOTS team consists of individuals with unique talents to contribute to the success of the business as well as possessing great work ethics, integrity, and commitment.
Keisha Arnold– As the W-HOTS Public Relations Director Keisha plays an important role maintaining a favorable image of Worldview Vacations. By nature she’s outgoing and enjoys interacting with people therefore I knew instantly she would be an asset to the organization. Keisha is responsible for public relations initiatives within the company while creating, managing, and implementing PR campaigns with the goal of enriching the W-HOTS name within the public eye. Her goal is to brand the W-HOTS name while encouraging others to expand their knowledge and vision of planning an affordable travel experience.
Tina Cook-Rodgers – As the W-HOTS Travel Coordinator/Production Manager, Tina is responsible for a wide variety of travel duties as assigned by the Executive Travel Specialists. She is the W-HOTS liaison responsible for educating clients on their travel plans as well as assisting clients with choosing the perfect destination. Tina also oversees the artist and DJ’s schedule. As the Production Manager she is also responsible for the concert layouts and set design.  
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